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DESIGN CLASS Ver.2 Instructions for use and notes

This instruction was made to guide users easily with information on the composition of 'DESIGN CLASS Ver.2'

products by CH International Co., Ltd. and the main contents of the terms and conditions are written to.

Please check the contents of this agreement carefully before paying for 'DESIGN CLASS Ver.2’.

· If accessing multiple devices at the same time, you can only take class from one finally connected device.

· It will be activated automatically after 3 days of payment date.

· The lecture viewing is available via PC and mobile APP.

Lectures offered

· A product that allows you to take the following courses during the period of use.

· Course of DESIGN CUT, DESIGN PERM, DESIGN UP-DO. (87 Videos)

Course period · Starting from the time of activation of the user.
Tuition fee

· 06 months (87 videos / regular price: US $ 2,000 / discounted price: US $ 399)

· 12 months (87 videos / regular price: US $ 3,300 / discounted price: US $ 499)

※ This product can be purchased until June 2020.

Refund policy

· You can request a refund only within the period of the class.

· Partial-refund to be applied based on the end date of the user's class.

* Partial refund: the user will receive refund after deducting the actual fee for the class taken during the period of the class. (in case of taking the lecture online)